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September 2011

Aria to launch Workwear/Uniform Clothing Management (WCM) Module

Aria Systems is pleased to announce the release of the Workwear/Uniform Clothing Management module (WCM), designed to meet the specific requirements of suppliers to the workwear and corporate clothing sector. In today’s competitive markets corporate clothing suppliers have to meet high quality service demands from their customers supplying products on time at the right price and quality standards are well understood.The Corporate Clothing sector however expects suppliers to provide the flexibil...
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Aria goes Social

Today, several networking sites are revolutionizing the way companies are spreading news and expanding their customer base. In our quest to better connect with our customers we invite you to follow us on our various social media pages such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Blogspot. Blogspot will be updated regularly with all company updates, industry news as well as helpful tips and tricks. Twitter will be where you can find announcements, new offers and notifications for any upcoming events. ...
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Aria announces Amazon Seller web services integration

Amazon has grown into the largest on-line retailer in the world. In addition to selling on-line, it provides merchants with the platform to sell their products through Amazon’s e-commerce web site by offering sellers a portal called ‘Seller Central’. Amazon.com's ‘Seller Central’ allows sellers to offer their products in a high traffic online marketplace. With this service, vendors don’t have to worry about creating their own e-commerce platform with an online shopping cart or payment proc...
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July 2011
Aria to deploy redesigned SAAS platform to the public cloud

Aria to deploy redesigned SAAS platform to the public cloud

Due to the overwhelming success of the Aria Cloud Hosting Infrastructure, we have experienced a rapid growth over the last couple of years; our SAAS platform has grown over time and now processes client transactions worth hundreds of millions of dollars a month.  The shift by many of our large clients to switch from running their applications in house to running them in a multi-tenant application platform supported by a first tier data center with robust capabilities has been a quick one; this ...
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New Global Website Launched

New Global Website Launched

We are proud to announce the launch of our new global website and domain “www.ariasystems.biz”. We have consolidated the content of our localized country sites and modified the structure and content to reflect our Global SAAS offering. As a result of the tremendous success of our on-line application offering, our prospective and active customer base is becoming more scattered across the globe highlighting the need for a platform to disseminate rich information and make it easily available to ...
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New Object Linking functionality supporting PDF

Aria has now released a new version of the “Object Linking” program which allows the users to add Pictures and miscellaneous file attachments to any entity in the system such as Styles and Sales Orders.   The new program has been completely redesigned allowing the user to link an unlimited number of attachments per entity, it also supports over 50 common file formats. The redesigned user interface has 3 views: Thumbnails, filmstrip and single file with Zoom functionality. In addition the us...
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June 2011

Time and Action, Work-flow and Production Tracking

Whether you have to schedule product development milestones, track customer compliance requirements on a sales order or track sample approvals with a factory, you often have the challenge of managing multiple activities, deadlines and other information coming from a variety of sources. The solution often lies in spreadsheets and email to track, update and communicate information. The process usually includes manual updates to spreadsheets and numerous email messages to get the needed updates fro...
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RFID integration in Aria!

Aria EDI now features RFID Technology Aria has integrated Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology into our EDI module as a direct response to the compliance mandate issued by many of our customers' trading partners. RFID has been attracting considerable attention recently with endorsements from major retail chains such as Wal-Mart and Sears, promising improved supply chain visibility for suppliers and retailers. As always, Aria Systems is keeping abreast of the developments in the ind...
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Aria sign’s up Fashion Circle USA as a Gold Certified Reseller

Fashion Circle USA and its parent company, FY Global Inc., offer managerial and executive outsourcing services to start-ups, small and mid size apparel companies. Supervises, control and directs all aspects of operations such as Back Office Management & Logistics, Bookkeeping & Collections, Brokerage & Customs Clearance, Credit Card Setup and Maintenance, Customer Credit Check & Factoring, E-commerce & IT Services, EDI Management, Inbound/Outbound Insurance, Ocean &am...
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Aria’s celebrating its 20th birthday!

Since 1991, Aria Systems has been the premium choice for software in the apparel industry. Our dedication to our customer’s satisfaction has kept us on our toes in this ever changing environment. Since its inception, Aria’s software has evolved with the times, leading the way for others to follow. The evolution has ranged over many areas, from our products to our markets, and in celebration of Aria’s 20th birthday, we would like to take a step back and remember key changes that have shaped wh...
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About Us

Aria Systems is an innovative developer of comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software specifically designed for the Apparel, Accessories, Footwear, Home Furnishings and Textiles industries.

Aria is dedicated to providing the most reliable solutions with expert support for streamlining and automating mission-critical business processes.

Our apparel software applications are used by manufacturing and distribution companies throughout the world for improving workflow, enhancing supply chain visibility, and increasing speed-to-market.

With more than two decades of experience in developing, deploying, and maintaining fully-integrated systems, Aria possesses the critical insight required for understanding the unique challenges  facing apparel companies from both an Operations and Information Systems perspective, and delivers solutions that match the unique business needs of our customers

Aria Systems employs over 120 apparel industry professionals in the US, UK and Egypt


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