18 June 2011

Aria sign’s up Fashion Circle USA as a Gold Certified Reseller

Fashion Circle USA and its parent company, FY Global Inc., offer managerial and executive outsourcing services to start-ups, small and mid size apparel companies. Supervises, control and directs all aspects of operations such as Back Office Management & Logistics, Bookkeeping & Collections, Brokerage & Customs Clearance, Credit Card Setup and Maintenance, Customer Credit Check & Factoring, E-commerce & IT Services, EDI Management, Inbound/Outbound Insurance, Ocean & Air Freight Forwarding, Operations Management, Retail Merchandising, Sales & Showroom assistance, Show Setups, Textile Fabric & Trimmings Agency and Warehouse & Distribution.

Fashion Circle USA, was founded in 2007 by Alexander Fronimos, a fashion industry veteran. The corporate office is located in Manhattan, in New York City’s Fashion District. In conjunction with its parent company, it offers, 14,000 sq ft of third party public warehouse, co-op showroom and rental space for general office use.

When Fashion Circle USA was first established, it researched many companies and their business models. At the time, QuickBooks, the accounting software, and Microsoft EXCEL were the choices for every day record keeping. “However,” Mr. Fronimos states, “the apparel industry is complicated, intricate and fast evolving. It needs an online, reliable and easy to access software”. When Fashion Circle USA was contracted to outsource back office and back end operations, there was a definite need for a reliable software partner.

Fashion Circle USA evaluated many online software packages before choosing ARIA Apparel Systems. “The price was very affordable and competitive,” Fronimos added. “Furthermore, you can rent it by month, no long term contracts, full EDI module for all department stores, and most importantly with no in-house hardware networking architecture”. And even more, “the software proved to be excellent. We use ARIA for customer entry, order processing, allocation, invoicing, inventory control, returns, credit memos and accounts receivable” notes Mr. Fronimos, “ for all our clients”.

Fashion Circle USA also makes use of ARIA ’s UPS/FedEx shipping integration system for faster shipment processing. Since then, Fashion Circle USA has switched all of its clients to ARIA system and fully utilizes all Aria modules for their in-house daily operations; with several companies electing to purchase the software directly. Our client base spans from domestic to international companies, producing and distributing hundred of thousands of pieces annually, generating for our clients over $ 100 million in gross sales worldwide.

Today Fashion Circle USA owns a multi-user multi company reselling license, permitting multiple companies to utilize the ARIA system at a rental fee.This is ideal for small and mid range companies that do local manufacturing of their products and/or import them from abroad and also need to keep the cost to a minimum.





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