New Aria 4XP GL Module Beta released
13 February 2013

New Aria 4XP GL Module Beta released

Aria Systems is introducing a new updated version of 4XP General Ledger Module that  is launched with many new features to achieve ease of use and increased productivity.
The new version of 4XP General Ledger Module is currently in Beta testing mode for hosted customers and will be available in production mode at the end of February 2013.
The 4XP GL Module includes the following key enhancements:
  • New and improved interface: Easy to use Aria desktop with Favorites to allow easy access to program Icons. Help tooltips pop up to let the user know the description of the icons. Multi-Document Interface that opens each program as a completely separate window on the Window Desktop, this allows the user to work on multiple windows simultaneously. Auto-Adjusting Screens that automatically resize all interface elements based on the window size.
  • Ease of use: This module offers more features that can be easily used, such as:
    • Improved Filter Capability: All fields are now available for filtering and the user can easily switch between various filters defined.
    • Improved Search: The user can easily search any field in the system by directly typing it.
    • New Task Pane with Pictures: The user can display a task pane that shows important information such as pictures and notes.


  • More Customizable: The user can customize several elements according to his needs, such as:
    • User Defined Favorites: Each user is able to choose any programs and create shortcuts to them in their favorites.
    • User Defined Columns: Each user can now add or remove the displayed columns in a browse screen, and also can be sized as needed.
    • User Defined Sort: The user can add User-Defined Sort on the fly, and the data will instantly be sorted.
    • User Defined Schemes: Each user can now create multiple user-defined color schemes.
    • User Defined Font: User can now select the font used for each browse screen.


  • Extensive Integration with Email and MS Excel:The user can directly export the data to MS Excel; the data will be exported based on the user selected view, sorts, filters and custom colors. The module reports can directly be emailed to any MS Outlook or Aria contact recipient.


  • Powerful Browse Screens: The module features much more powerful and customizable file browse screens to make the files easily navigable and manageable through multiple sorting methods and using the arrow buttons.


  • Improved Printer Support: Users have the option to print a page containing the selection criteria for the selected Output, which allows the user to have a copy of the selection criteria attached to the actual report form.


  • Improved Reporting Capabilities: The new module version features an enhanced report option grid so that reports can now be printed or emailed in many formats, such as: Text, Excel, Adobe Acrobat, XML, HTML and Graphics. The user can also setup reports in the desktop Favorites, and save customized selection criteria for quick processing.


  • Integration with Aria Request Builder: The user will be able to process tasks on the server or can run programs in an automated mode. This includes: Immediate Request, Schedule Request, Request based on an Event and Agent.


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